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LA NAZIONE March 2013 


Exhibition in San Galgano (Siena): "... Showing your works is beautiful, doing it with other women it is even more interesting ... there is need - says Sandra Kern, who has her own studio in Siena and exhibited two works in San Galgano made with painted silk technique - of women who expose and it is nice to see what the others do .. "




"Out of the Shadow 

Twenty-one women show their works in San Galgano until April 15 

It was inaugurated on Saturday, March 9, as part of the provincial program for the March 8 We paint our future, the exhibition Out of the shadows, whose 2012 edition was presented in Murlo, which brings together the works of 21 artists in the area Val di Merse. The exhibition is held in the beautiful space Scriptorium adjacent to the abbey of San Galgano. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Union of Municipalities of the Val di Merse and the Centre for Equal Opportunities of the Val di Merse, includes about 40 works created by women aged 27 to 75 years old, with very different techniques and materials and with different messages, though linked by the desire, of course, of "out of the shadows," to point out the work and creativity of the worlds very different from each other. Works by women who are dedicated only to the art or art that make a way to escape the daily routine, without being able to define "full time artiste. "Luciana Bartaletti then thanked the many guests gathered at the opening and the artists, almost all of the evening in the splendid Scriptorium, who have exhibited works different from each other, from collage to wood, dall'acrilico oil on canvas, ceramics, the photo digitally manipulated and transformed in painting up to the recycling of materials. The exhibition ends here in San Galgano April 15, then moved from April 20 in the town of Monticiano. Here are the artists in the exhibition: Marianna Ancillotti, Martina Anselmi, Anna Bichi, Clelia Busillo, Lucia Chini, Agnes Ciccarelli, Annalisa Coppolaro, Elisa From Ash, Patricia Fortunato, Oriella Francini, Sandra Galli Kern, Veronica Gliozzo, Paola Milan, Alice Valenti Mottura , Petrini Silvia, Silvia Posarelli, Irene Raspollini, Chiara Silvestri, Elisa Tanganelli, Paola Torrini, Adriana Tronconi Nirava. Murlo is represented with even 8 artiste! A must see."

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